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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Michael Connelly - The Scarecrow

review by showhost 2012.
I think this is the first of this authors books I have read and I really enjoyed it.
Jack Mcevoy is a reporter with the Los Angeles Times but has just been told that due to the cutbacks in the industry he has been selected as the next person to be laid off. Adding insult to injury, he has been given a couple of weeks notice and has been assigned with training his replacement, Angela, who is younger and cheaper. Jack wants to go out with a bang so picks up on what he thinks will be a scoop - a young lad accused of the murder of a woman is serving time in prison, a story which Jack ran at the time, but now Jack thinks the lad may be innocent. He and his prodigy Angela get involved in the investigation which trips a warning to the real killer when Angela logs onto a website: trunk A fatal mistake.
The company Western Data, has jumped on the bandwagon of providing secure holding of data for companys who are worried about security breaches. One man, the Scarecrow, is a computer genius who is in charge of the operations. He is also a murderer, which we learn early on in the book. He is a very clever adversary, he follows the journey of his pursuers, Jack and FBI agent Rachel Walling, through internet, web and camera surveillance.
Its a clever, tension building book and even though you know who the killer is you enjoy the cat and mouse game between him and his pursuers. I would like to read the Poet now as, according to other reviewers, it also features Jack and Rachel.

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