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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Michael Connelly - The Scarecrow

review live on show by Brian Lowen 26th July 2012.
Crime Reporter, Jack McEvoy, is at the end of the line. With cuts being made in the staff of his newspaper he has only 30 days left in his job and his last assignment is training up his young female replacement.

He is looking for one big story to finish up his career and focuses on a 16 year old drug dealer who has been convicted of a brutal murder, but he soon realises that his young victim has been set up to take the blame.

His new replacement, Angela, starts on some background investigation and finds other cases that had a similar modus operandi. The killer has a strange fetish in dressing up his victims in the sort of leg irons used by disabled persons. When she ends up murdered in a similar horrific manner, Jack realises he has taken on what is probably going to be his biggest ever story.

He manages to enrol the help of his ex- girlfriend who is an FBI agent, but she gets the sack when using a FBI executive jet to fly to Jack’s rescue when he is trapped by the killer. They are then able together to continue on the track of the killer and finally track him down to a specialist company who store confidential electronic records for high profile legal firms, but still do not
know his real identity only that he goes by the name of the Scarecrow.

A good thriller, full of action. The story moves along well and holds your attention. Much better than his previous book, The Fifth Witness, which I didn’t even bother to finish.

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