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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Thomas Christopher Greene - Mirror Lake

review by Babs Simpson live on show 12th July

This is the decptively simple story of a young man, Nathan Carter, who leaves his life of unsuccessful relationships in Boston and finds himself in the small town of Eden, Vermont. There he takes the job of postman, gets to know the vast area his round covers and meets a reclusive farmer, Wallace Fiske. The two men, young and old, form a friendship and eventually Wallace tells him of his love for Nora and what happened many years before.

It's beautifully written and the descriptions of Vermont made me want to get on the next plane! From stiflingly hot in summer, to clogged with mud in spring, to gripped by ice in winter and riotous with colour in the fall, the moods of the seasons are conveyed most vividly and the story is told with deceptive simplicity.

An excellent, absorbing read and I hope that Thomas Christopher Greene has written more.

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