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Friday, 28 September 2012

Peter James - Perfect People

review live on show by Brian Lowen 27th Sept 2012 A great thriller that is full of surprises. Once again, PJ grips your attention as he presents one incredulous fact after another. John and Naomi Klaesson have suffered the death of their young son. They want to have another child, but one who they can be assured will be healthy, so they pay a couple of hundred thousand pounds to spend a month in a clinic on board a cruise liner where they meet the mysterious Dr Dettore, an expert in geneology. He has agreed to alter the genes in Naomi’s egg and John’s sperm so that they can choose the basic character of their baby – its health, height, strength, learning ability, in fact, the perfect baby. They go ahead with this procedure and then return home having asked the Dr for a son. But when Naomi is several months into her pregnancy they are amazed to find out that she is having twins. When the twins are born they start developing at an amazing rate. By the age of three they are working on computers and have the intelligence of teenagers. They are banned from play school because they upset all the other kids. Then a fanatical religious sect start tracking down all these genetically altered babies and killing them and their parents as they consider them to be Satan’s children. Now the action really starts hotting up as the Klaesson family are next on the list and the tension builds as the Disciple from this sect homes in on the family. This is just the start of a sequence of events that I will not relate as it would spoil it for you, but the ending is quite horrific. A really great imaginative story – PJ really knows how to keep you eagerly anticipating the next move as the tension builds up. Thoroughly recommended, if you can stand the tension.

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