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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Philippa Gregory - The Kingmaker's daughter

review live on show by Maggie Perkovich 4th Oct 2012. Another brilliant read by this author, who never disappoints!!!Anne Neville and her sister Isabel are daughters of the pwerful Earl of Warwick always known as the Kingmaker.He makes the girls pawns in his viscious power games, and we see how hard it is when you are governed by your father's plans to rule through your husbands or through your yet to be born children. We see Richard third known through history as the crookback and also possible murderer of the princes in the tower as a loving and protective husband of Anne Neville. The death of his brothers Edward 1V and George makes him the King of England with Anne as his Queen but their happiness does not last as the stormy days of medieval England threaten to overwhelm their hard worn success. This is a well told and intelligent story of the last of the battles of the War of the Roses, fast paced and exciting and well worth reading. Highly recommended!!!!Maggie Perkovic.

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