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Monday, 19 November 2012

Elizabeth Noble - Between a Mother and her child

review by Babs Simpson live on show 15th Nov 2012 Elizabeth Noble is a fine writer who always creates totally believable characters and a plot that engages the reader from start to finish. This novel is no exception - a brilliant story of an ordinary family deeply affected by the tragic death of one of them. Maggie and Bill barrett appear to have everything - a wonderfully happy marriage, three healthy children, a lovely house in Notting Hill, enough money - until on Boxing Day 2004, everything is torn apart. The way they all cope, or don't, with this appalling devastation, is so well described, the helplessness, disbelief, aching sorrow and loss as well as their desperate attempts to hide their own grief for the sake of the others - all emotions are there but never over-done. I don't want to say more in order to keep the story a surprise but I will say I loved this from start to finish. It is a really memorable and satisfying read.

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