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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Geoffrey Archer - Java Spider

review live on show by Brian Lowen 22nd Nov 2012 This is a thriller from the pen of the “other” Archer – not the ex- Lord Archer. A British Minister has been kidnapped in Java. His abduction does not fall under British jurisdiction and the authorities in Jakarta claim that he has been seized by a guerrilla movement. When horrific pictures of him are released via satellite on national television, the government decides to act and sends one man to rescue him – Nick Randall has served in the Far East before and he knows that nothing is at it seems in this corrupt country. The female interest comes in the form of a young blonde reporter out on her first mission to get the big scoop. Nick pals up with her and posing as a honeymoon couple they gain access to the remote island of Kuto where they believe the minister is being held. Background information that Nick is fed from London informs him that the minister is not the upright citizen the public are led to believe he is (surprise, surprise) and is in fact involved in a substantial rake off from a British Government grant to build a new power station on Kuto to provide electricity for a new mine planned on the island which will displace several small villages. The action hots up when they clash with the guerrillas in the jungle and as you would expect, Charlie, our blonde reporter gets captured, meaning Nick will have to rescue her, as all good thrillers usually end up. A good light read, full of action, which requires little concentration to follow. Recommended. I have read eight other novels by G A that are all in the same vein and enjoyable.

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