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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Judith Lennox - The Turning Point

Review by Babs Simpson live on show 6th Dec 2012
this story is about Ellen Kingsley, a young research scientist who, in 1952, takes up a post at Gildersleve Hall to work for prestigious scientist, Marcus Pharoah.  She is excited by this opportunity but soon finds herself caught up in the rivalries, desires and ambitions of her colleagues.  Then a tragedy occurs and Ellens life is changed forever.
She returns to London where she accepts a very lowly position in a hospital then meets and old acquaintance, India Mayhew, but the events at Gildersleve continue to cast a shadow and when India becomes involved with Pharoah a trail of destruction is ignited.
Ellen falls in love with a handsome Scottish scientist, Alex Hunter, who has also left Gildersleve Hall but the relationship is  doomed when Ellen realises that he is expected to devote his life to the family estate on a remote Scottish island and her own career will have to be sacrificed.
The action moves from Cambridgeshire to London, Scotland and New England - all totally believable and full of atmosphere.  Judith Lennox is an excellent author with a great talent for involving her readers in her excellent novels which have a brilliant sense of period.
Well worth a go.

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