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Friday, 11 January 2013

Jo Nesbo - Nemesis

The first book I read by this author I thought was ok but a few holes in the plot.
this book was slightly better but nowhere near the league of Steig Larsson.
Harry Hole is a character from other novels.  Inspector Harry Hole works for the Oslo police force.  he is still trying to come to terms over the death of his work partner and find out who did it.
At the start of the book Harry is watching the video footage of a bank robbery in which a cashier is shot in the head.  He has been assigned a new partner Beate Lonn.  Her father was an inspector but killed in the line of duty.  Beate has an unusual talent she memorises faces.  After watching the video footage of the robbery they are convinced that the hooded bank robber knew the cashier and theat the shooting was premeditated. He is assigned to run a parallel investigation into this robbery which has now become a murder investigation as well.  This also keeps him away from a couple of his colleagues for whom there is animosity on both sides.
Harry is in a new and happy relationship but the new love of his life is in Russia fighting for custody of her child.  Harry is contacted by his ex-lover who needs to speak to him - against his better judgement he meets her for dinner.  The next day Harry is called to a murder scene, it is his ex-lovers body found in her flat where he went for dinner but Harry has no recollection of the previous evening.  He awoke with a blinding headache at his home and presumed he had drunk too much as usual.  The crime scene points to a suicide.  Only Harry notices certain elements which make him sure it was murder - but was it him?  he doesn't divulge the fact that he was at her flat the night before as the police are happy it was suicide and he doesn't want to jeopardies his current relationship.  He decides to run his own investigation in private alongside the bank murder.
As you can expect the situation becomes more complicated, Harry receives anonymous emails from someone who knows his secret and he becomes wanted by the police as a suspect.
The story gets very, very complicated with new twists springing up all the time. Its as if he was going to end the sroty then thinks no! I'll put another little twist in here just to fill the pages!
 Also, some really strange sayings like:
He was here so many times you would have found (finger) prints even if he had been
there was nothing to see just thick damp mist which lay like a used nappy over the town.

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