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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Simon Kernick - Siege

review by showhost
Another rip roaring, high energy novel by Simon Kernick.
Who will survive as we follow the events of what led to some of the guests of the Stanhope being there when the hotel is taken over by what is thought to be terrorists and hostages are taken and killed
Bombs explode around London to divert the emergency services from the real target and reason behind the siege of the Stanhope hotel.  Even the 'terrorist'/mercenaries, have individual agenda's.  Londons met, and special services have just 5 hours to meet the demands or hostages will be shot.
Inside the hotel are a lot of guests including a high profile member of MI5 with a secret information only a handful know of.
A man who is going to commit suicide.
An ex soldier who is out to murder a businessman staying in a private suite at the hotel.
A rich arab entertaining some young girls
A young jewish mum, her son and her father having a quiet break to get over her recent divorce.
Newly promoted Deputy Assistant Commissioner Arley Dale is assigned to co-ordinate the situation but part of the plan of the mercenaries was to kidnap her children, after murdering her husband, to make her comply with their demands.  These demands mean she will have to compromise the surprise attack planned by the SAS.  She finally decides to get help - enter 'Tina Boyd' an old friend from SK's other novels.

I found it a little disjointed and slow in the beginning as we meet all the different characters who are going to be involved or affected by the ‘siege’ the most.  But once the siege started the jigsaw fell into place and the ride picked up momentum.

As usual with SK's books there are twists and turns throughout the  book and the tension never eases.

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