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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Dorothy Koomson - The Ice Cream Girls

review live on bookshow by Babs Simpson on 21st March 2013
This is about Poppy and Serena, two girls who were charged with the murder of Marcus a former schoolteacher.
Now, 18yrs later, Serena is married to Evan a GP, and they have 2 children, while poppy has just been released from prison and returns to her parents home in Brighton.  she has always insisted she was innocent of Marcus's murder and believes Serena to have been the real culprit.
In this most fascinating story we gradually find out that Marcus was a monster who groomed and seduced both girls when they were 15, then preyed on them using tenderness and violence to keep them both under his total control.
The story is both fascinating and horrifying illustrating so vividly the manipulative behaviour that some evil men use to control naive and trusting young girls; how keeping secrets destroys lives and how sensational newspaper coverage can make even those closest to you believe the worst.
It's a long book but I didn't miss a word.  Dorothy Koomson is a great story-teller and the books ending is totally satisfying and to me at least, quite unexpected.  I believe ITV have filmed this and if they keep to the story, it should be an absolutely terrific programme.
It's certainly a great book.  Don't miss it!

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