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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Gillian Flynn - Gone Girl

Review by Corinna Christopher live on bookshfow 18th April 2013 
Story set in U.S.A..  Nick Dunne is a writer in New York who is made redundant .  He has a wife of 5 years named Amy who actually is quite well-off and does not need to work.  Her parents Rand and Marybeth have made a lot of money writing best selling books about a little girl known as “Amazing Amy”.

Nick  decides to move them both down to Carthage a small town in Missouri where his twin sister Margo lives and where together they open a bar.

As Nick and Amy celebrate the 5th anniversary of their marriage something untoward happens.  Nick arrives home one day to find one of the rooms in his home wrecked and his wife Amy missing.   In due course Nick reports her disappearance to the police and the obvious explanation of the neighbours is that he has  murdered Amy.

I now think this is the usual crime novel and await developments.  How wrong could I be ?  I cannot divulge more without spoiling the plot.  

What next occurs is quite bizarre and complicated.  We are given an insight into Amy’s diary which is revealing about the state of their marriage and her extraordinary behaviour.

The two main characters follow a compelling and riveting tale to the end of this book.  The conclusion was a bit unlikely I thought but the whole read was anything but dull.

Nick and Amy were not likeable people and did not make me sympathetic in any way to their plight.  An unusual book and a bit unsettling

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