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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Anne O'Brian - The Forbidden Queen

Reviewed live on bookshow by Maggie Perkovic May 16th 2013
This has been reviewed before, but I wanted to add my interpretation of the book.
I thought it was very good, very well researched and very well written.
The story of Katherine of Valois who wed Henry V and on his death later wed Owen Tudor is
an excting and also a romantic one. She sort of hero worshipped Henry V, but his passion was
for fighting so after he died it was a lonely and unhappy Queen Dowager who fell for Owen Tudor.
She was expected to keep herself with dignity while her young son grew up, which meant love
was out!!! However she and Owen Tudor fell in love and married in secret braving the wrath of the
King's brothers and the full council. Katherine had four children, before succombing to a fatal
disease leading to madness which had destroyed  her father. She left Owen and died shortly
after in Bermondsey Abbey, her new baby died as well.
The author paints a portrait of medieval life and in particular a lady whose life in France was difficult
as a child, and who had to learn how to live in England and become a Queen and mother.

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