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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Nicci French - Secret Smile

review read live on bookshow on 9th May 2013 by Babs Simpson
this is a psychological thriller - the story of Miranda who has a few dates with Brendan then dumps  him when she catches him reading her diary.
And that's the end of that, except it isn't
Miranda sister, Kerrey, finds a wonderful new boyfriend, and guess who it is?  Brendan.  The girls' parents and brother love him too and Brendan & Kerry become engaged - everyone being very careful of Miranda's feelings because Brendan has told them that he dumped her and she is broken hearted.
No-one believes Miranda when more and more horrible things happen; Brendan 7 Kerry move into her flat, he whispers vile things to her that no-one else can hear and gradually her family and friends come to believe she is paranoid and poor Brendan is suffering.
Her brother dies and the police become involved.
Brnedan leaves Kerry and immediately takes up with Laura, Miranda's close friend from university.  They marry then Laura dies too.
Miranda becomes more and more obsessed with trying to convince people of Brendan's guilt but she cannot get anyone to believe her.
this is an exciting page turner, quite spooky and really nasty in places but a very absorbing read.

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