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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Val McDermid - The Mermaids Singing

book reviewed live on bookshow by Brian Lowen on 13th June 2013
This is a psychological thriller so the action is rather limited.

In the northern town of Bradfield four men have been found murdered and mutilated.
Tony Hill is brought in by the Police investigation team to profile the killer, much to the annoyance of some of the team who think it is all a waste of time and dislike being told how to carry out the investigation. One detective , Carol Jordan, agrees with his theories and is designated to work with him. She tries to strike up a relationship with him, but Tony has sexual problems of his own and rebuffs her advances.

 The investigation plods on and things do not really get going until Tony is himself targeted by the killer and then the action hots up.

Val McDermid specialises in this type of novel involving the psychological profiling of killers, so the story line does seem to drag somewhat as all the information is gathered that has to be inputted into the computer programme that will give the profile.

The author does manage to keep the storyline ticking along so you do not get bored, but this is not your average type thriller, until the last few chapters that is. 

A good story from a renowned author, but I do wish she would use titles that refer to the story so that you can remember them later.

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