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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Anita Burgh - Lottery

Reviewed live on show by Maggie Perkovich 8th August 2013.

This is a "retro" read, published in 1995, and one I read
often, as I love the descriptions of families and the ensuing tensions!!
Peggy Alder loves her family, two daughters and a son, her husband, although she
fears he is having an affair as he is never at home, and her ordinary life, but worries
about money, as her daughter's wedding cost enough to put them in the red, but
as her husband said"Any thing for my princess", worries about her son whose wife
seems discontented but finds happiness in the youngest, studying at college, and
hoping to go to University.
When Peggy wins over a million pounds on the Lottery, her life changes completely,
and she finds who her true friends are.
Her dreams don't all come true, and her warring family give her a lot of heartache,
but at the end, she is happy with the win and sees a different future than the one
she planned with her husband, but her love for her family is never in doubt.
Maggie Perkovic seal of approval. I loved it.

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