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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Ken McCoy - Perseverance Street

reviewed live on bookshow by Maggie Perkovic on 29th August 2013
This is a page turner!!!
Set in 1945 towards the end of the war, Lily Robinson receives the telegram everyone dreads.
Recovering from the shock a kindly couple offer to have her four year son Michael to stay with
them to "feed the ponies" to visit the "fair". Heavily pregnant Lily agrees though she doesn't know
them well. The next day when she tries to phone them, it is not possible, then on visiting them,
they have disappeared, the neighbours don't know them and the house is empty!!!Lily
goes into labour with the stress, and to her horror the police do not believe her.
She is attacked by her so called friends, in the street where she lives, on returning home after
the birth of her baby, another boy, and when she defends herself she is arrested for assault.
More trouble sees her sent to a Phsyciatric Hospital and in the clutches of a creepy Doctor.
Just when her life is at the lowest ebb, a rescuer arrives in the guise of Auntie Dee, and with
her help and an ex Special Forces soldier Charlie Cleghorn they scour the country looking
for her little boy. Her baby has been taken by her parents in law who disapproved of their
son marrying her, and the father being a Magistrate arranges to adopt him permanently.
I found myself engrossed in the story and with the back ground of the war to colour the
happenings found it gripping!!!!Maggie Perkovic.

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