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Friday, 13 September 2013

Robert Goddard - Closed Circle

reviewed on a recorded show by Brian Lowen for 19th Sept 2013 

An excellent story that holds your attention the whole way through.

The scene is set in the early 1930s and starts as two English confidence tricksters, Guy and Max, are sailing back to Britain aboard the luxury liner, the Empress of Britain. They are making a discrete exit from a little awkwardness they have left behind in America.

A chance meeting on deck brings them a tempting new target in the shape of Miss Charnwood and her niece, the beautiful Diana, only child of the immensely wealthy Fabian Charnwood.

It’s a trick they have pulled before, with some success. Charm the daughter into an engagement to marry, then  get the father to buy you off. They are very confident of success, but have no idea of the terrible consequences of becoming involved with the Charnwood family. They think they are leading the action, but in reality they are pawns in a complicated scheme involving a secret society which was involved with the instigation of the start of the first world war.

The reasons why so many countries got involved in the first world war after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand has always been a bit of a mystery to me.  This book goes some way to

explaining how it happened, but of course, one must remember this is a fictional novel.

R G spins a detailed plot with many twists and turns that keep you guessing until the final outcome. I was still hoping that our hero, Guy Horton, who we follow through the story, was going to get his girl in the end, but whether he does or not you will have to read the book to find out.

Recommended as an enthralling story.

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