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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Stan Barstow - A Kind of Loving

reviewed by Maggie Perkovich on a recorded book show Oct. 2013
Review "A Kind of Loving" by Stan Barstow. This is a retro read, it was written in the
1960s, a first novel, and I thoroughly enjoyed it then, as I did reading it again.
It tells of Vic an ordinary young man from a close knit family, who falls in love
as he thinks with a young typist at his place of works but when she gets pregnant,
and he "has" to marry her, he realises that has fallen into the trap of marriage,
when he didn't want to at all. How he sorts out his future with his now wife is
both painful and illuminating.It seems so wonderfully old fashioned, but as I
lived in that era, I can assure all you young people that most young men
"did the right thing" and married their girlfriend, whether they wanted  to or not!!!
The characters are very strongly drawn, the description of the cold winters,
and the strength of the family ties truly masterful.His now mother in law is
a ghastly woman who crosses swords with him whenever possible.
Although living with her and her daughter he is never allowed a front
door key, and when his pregnant wife has a tumble, she doesn't even
let him know what has happened.
A thoroughly enjoyable read for anyone who lived through the sixties,
it was made into a film with the wonderful Thora Hird as his bete noir
and she was a monster!!! Great story well written too. Highly Recommended.
Maggie Perkovic.

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