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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Peter May - The Lewis Trilogy

review by Sue Major live on the bookshow 14th Nov 2013
."Black House"; " The Lewis Man" and " The Chess Men"
Peter May is a new writer to me . Interestingly he is apparently an award winning journalist who lives in France  and this Trilogy was originally published in french, winning the Le Havre festival crime writers award.
The books centre on Detective Inspector Fin Macleod a Lewis-born officer sent from Edinburgh to lewis to solve a brutal murder. Of course, DI Macleod's   journey is not just for the detection of the crime but also a personal journey into his past.

All three books are immensely readable. Like all books they have their slower bits but nevertheless I wanted to know the outcomes. They could be read as stand alone novels, but they do follow on from each other chronologically.

I would recommend these to anyone who enjoys a detective/crime novel....and incidentally anyone who is interested in a glimpse into life on the Western Isles.

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