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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Robert Goddard - Closed Circle.

review by showhost Nov 2013.
This was one of my chosen holiday reads and one of my 50p finds on St Agnes.  I have read and enjoyed this author before so was looking forward to this book..
It's 1931 and on board the new, luxurious transatlantic liner Empress of Britain are two English confidence tricksters who are making a speedy departure from the US after a money making scam ended up in disaster and pending prison. 
A chance meeting with Miss Charnwood and her beautiful niece Diana, who is the only heir of the famously wealthy Fabian Charnwood, sets the ball rolling for cross, double cross and treachery.
The two tricksters, Guy and Max, hatch up one of their old schemes, charm the beautiful daughter into an engagement to marry, then allow the father to buy whichever of them off as to stop him marrying his precious daughter.  They are so sure of success they write a pact that who ever wins the beautiful Diana's love will share their fortune with the other.  So the race is on and much to Max's surprise he wins the lady.  The plan works and the father wants to buy Max off but Max hadn't allowed for falling in love or morals. Disaster is round the corner as murder, subterfuge and a dark sinister group of wealthy influential people become involved.  Another ripping good yarn from Goddard. 
I was on the flight home from my hols when I was reading this and a fellow passenger tapped me on the shoulder to say they were reading a book by the same author (into the blue) and how he and his wife both enjoyed Goddard's books!

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