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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Literary Christmas by Assorted artists.

Reviewed on bookshow by Maggie Perkovich 19th Dec 2013 
This is a lovely Christmas book. There are poems and excerpts from all sorts of books,old
and modern.The illustrations are also very attractive from "The Night Before Christmas" to
Wind in the Willows" and the carollers at the Mole'
Muchs little house.Dickens features here, also
Laurie Lee.Benjamin Zephaniah also appears with his poem which starts "Be nice to yu
turkeys dis Christmas" suggesting that we should not always thinks of them as eatable!The last
few pages bring in the New Year with poems from Shelley, Herrick, Thomas Hood and
Tennyson. All in all there is something for everyone including some religious ones which
are very special. All in all there is something for everyone here. Highly recommended!!!
Maggie Perkovic

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