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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Pierre Szalowski - Fish Change Direction in Cold Weather

reviewed live on the bookshow by Sue Major Dec 2013 
This first novel is set in Montreal during the severe winter of 1997/98.
It's a simple tale ...a fairy tale for adults, really...and begins with a 10yr old boy wishing that his estranged parents could be reconciled. His father has left home and the boy longs for things to return to normal . The weather appears to oblige him, and so begins an ice-storm that plunges temperatures to unimaginable levels as the power is knocked out in downtown Montreal. As expected , the inhabitants turn to each other for help.

There are a number of characters in the story, none of them particularly developed during the tale yet interesting nevertheless, and all with a purpose....Julie, the exotic dancer; Boris the mathematician; Simon and Michel who everyone thinks are brothers and of course the boy and his friend Alexis.

It's light reading...I'd have loved it for a journey...but I loved it anyway. It's a quick read but it left with a smile and a warm glow. Is it predictable? ...of course. Does it have a happy ending? What do you think!   But it's a delight ( and the cover is fabulous, too)

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