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Friday, 31 January 2014

David Jason - My Life

Reviewed live on booskshow by Maggie Perkovich on 30th Jan 2014
This is an enjoyable autobiography by a very likeable star.
Born in Billingsgate 1940 when bombs were falling which his
Mum said was "God moving his furniture around". It wasn't, it
was Hitler moving London around and as David put it, he seemed
anxious to particularly move their areaaround.
His older sibling was evacuated but young David was stuck in war torn
London with his family stuck in their Anderson shelter.
He relates how not blossoming at school he became an electrician,
until taking part in Am.Dram. for some years he thought he would try
for real as a professional. It took quite a little while, but his stories of
disasterous auditions and short termed contracts where he had to go
back to his electrical work to keep "the wolf from the door" are very
honest and heartwarming.
He really made his name in playing knockabout comedy. Falling over,
falling downstairs, falling off ladders and generally being the loser in
the game of love, on stage of course, he seemed to have a fair
amount of lovely ladies on his arm at one time or another.
It was 1981 after several stints working abroad which he thoroughly
enjoyed that he finally found fame with Derek Trotter a much loved
anti hero I suppose we must call him. Amazingly, they wanted to cast
him as the old Grandfather, but he asked to be tried as Del boy, and
well, the rest, as they say is History.
He pays tribute to Ronnie Barker who mentored him and always put
work his way, also Bob Monkhouse who taught him so much.
His older brother who started acting before him, helped him enormously,
and what I liked so much about this book is the sheer absence of "luvvieness"
and angst in so many so called "stars" autobiographies.
A charming and interesting read from a very pleasaant and unassuming man.
Well recommended. Maggie Perkovic.

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