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Friday, 17 January 2014

Val McDermid - Fever of the Bone

review by showhost  
Another really good read from this author, she certainly knows how to do psychological thrillers.  Val McDermid is known for her televised book 'Wire in the Blood' which features characters from this book.
a teenagers murdered & brutalised body is discovered and the police headed by DCI Carol Jordan and her 'crack' team start the hunt.  But when the second and third teenagers's bodies turn up with the same cause of death they realise they have a serial killer on the loose.  They also begin to realise that the killer is choosing/priming their victims from an online chat site called rigmarole.
Normally Carol Jordan would bring in the brilliant profiler and friend Tony Hill to help the team identify the kind of killer they should be looking for.  But the Yorkshire police department  are looking to save money and Tony Hill is an expense they can't afford so she is forced to use a rookie profiler from within the police department - as they say up north, 'tha gets what tha pays for', and in this case it wasn't much.
Val McDermid certainly knows how to hold her readers attention and for me there was no pre-guessing the end.  Although I did find it hard to believe that a suspect who had just had a visit from the police would within hours, abduct another teenager and take them to the crime scene, knowing surely that they were geing watched!
She has some likeable characters within the police team of Carol Jordan as well as the main characters themselves.  I have read quite a few of her books and she never disappoints.  I would definitely reach for one of her books to take on holiday with me.

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