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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Kitty Neale - A Cuckoo in Candle lane

reviewed live on bookshow on 20th March by Maggie Perkovic.  This is her review:
A Cuckoo in Candle lane is an "easy read" with a lot of interesting characters
jumping off the pages. It is 1953 and straight away one's sympathy is with Ruth and
her daughter Sally who live with a bully for a husband and father. Things improve
when Elsie and Bert Jones  move next door plus their two children.
They have left the more affluent area of Wimbledon for Bert to set up his
own removal firm. The new family are a bit shocked at life in Battersea
and although Sally makes friends with the daughter next door, she can't explain
why she cannot invite her to their house. Once a week they visit their Gran. who lives
with Ruth's sister and husband a few streets away. Sally loves her Gran. and especially
loves her Uncle Harry who gives her all the love and warmth she doesn't receive from
her dad Ken.Tragically at their usual visit a horrific incident occurs and from then on
life will never be the same.
This is an interesting read with a variety of situations and personalities.
Symptomatic of the fifties era, it has you reading with interest to see what develops.
Sometimes things happen that seem a bit unlikely but generally I liked it.
How's this for a an opening paragraph, "She stepped into the narrow hall, eyes  clouding
when she saw her dad's coat hanging on the rack. Sick with disappointment, she crept
upstairs, clambered into bed, and curled into a tight ball under the thin blanket"
Makes you want to see what happens eh?? Also Sally has the "gift" as they call it
which makes her more vulnerable than most children.
A good read Maggie Perkovic.

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