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Monday, 17 March 2014

Robert Goddard - Play to the end

review by showhost:
I was literary restless after reading a good book by andrew taylor and tried to get into a couple of novels before picking this one up.  This one soothed my itchy mind.
I do like Robert goddard and he would be one of my 'take on holiday authors'.
Well known thespian Toby Flood arrives in Brighton for the final week of the play he is main character in - a Joe Orton play.  The night he arrives he is visited by his estranged wife Jenny.  Jenny is engaged to be married once their divorce goes through - Toby is still passionately in love with Jenny and would do anything for her.  Jenny needs his help, she is being stalked but she thinks the stalker is trying to get to Toby through her.  she doesn't want to worry or involve her fiancee Roger Colborn as she feels the stalker isn't interested in him.
Toby offers to help and meets the stalker in the cafe opposite where Jenny has her hat shop.  It becomes all to apparent that the stalker isn't after Toby or his estranged wife but her fiancee Roger.  Toby would obviously like to discredit Roger in the hope of retrieving Jenny and his marriage.
The firm which Rogers family had owned seems to have been negligent to its employees and the use of carciogenic material caused the death of a few and the stalkers dad was one of these employees.  There is a lot more sinister past and danger as Toby delves deeper and can't let go until he has unearthed the truth.
It is an absorbing and interesting read as you would expect from this author.  He works the tale well and keeps you interested without giving too much away in fact in got rather complicated towards the end.
'A thriller in the classic story telling sense with the suspense of a whodunnit' I agree.
I need to find another now to take with me on hols.........

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