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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Simon Beckett - Chemistry of Death

Shortlisted for CWA Duncan Lawries Dagger for best crime novel of the year.
I read 'Written in Bone' and enjoyed it so I was looking for another by this author to take on holiday with me.  So please I found this book in a charity shop.
This author has shades of Patricia Cornwell.
Dr David Hunter went to live in a quiet rural village and took up the post of GP which was a far cry from his previous job - forensic anthropologist.  After the tragic accident which killed his wife and daughter he felt he had to get away from death.
He worked as associate to the long time GP Henry.  Henry was in a wheelchair after a tragic car accident in which he lost his wife.  David Hunter had been in the village for three quiet years but the village peacefulness was shattered when a local woman was found murdered.
The local police are baffled and when the superintendant discovers what Davids job was he asks him to help them.  David tries not to get involved as it will stir up painful memories but he is co-erced into it especially when a second woman is killed in the same brutal way.  He then finds himself under suspicion of the local villagers.
David has started to form a friendship with a local teacher who has only been in the village for the past year.  When she too is taken by the same madman David can't believe he will lose yet another woman who means so much to him.  This is a real twister and keeps you turning the pages.
 He writes very much in the same vein as Patricia Cornwell where the autopsy is concerned.  I did prefer 'Written in Bone' though and thought some of the romantic bits were leaning towards mills and boonish but still enjoyed it.

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