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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Ben Elton - Blast from the Past

Written and reviewed live on the bookshfow 8th May by Maggie Perkovich
My second book from the Library's outside collection is an interesting one.
Written in 1998 it opens with a phone call in the very early hours of the day,
and the woman who is disturbed is someone who is pestered by a stalker.
Understandably she doesn't want to answer the phone,but when it goes to
answer phone the call is from ther long lost boy friend Jack, once stationed
at Greenham Common where the girl Polly had been a protestor, and now
a very high up American Officer flying all over the world to meetings and was
now in Brtitain for a few hours and wanted to meet up.
The story continues with back ground on her life, a continual and professional
protestor who fell for him desperately, with his backgorund, she was totally
unsuitable but he fell for her in the same way, and the unstable stalker who made
her life a misery from when she advised him in her capacity at the Council Office,
and he decided he loved her.
The action is slow but gradually warms up, and towards the end is quite tense
and exciting.
Ben Elton's discreptions of an uptight American melting to the charms of his
Greenham Common young lady are hilarious!!!The author knows the territory
and makes his book very amusing. The terror of being stalked are also well
illustrated. The ending is quite shocking but ends with a hopeful message.
Recommended!!Maggie Perkovic

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