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Monday, 9 June 2014

Lucie Whitehouse - THE HOUSE AT MIDNIGHT

review written and read live on the bookshow by Corinna christopher on 5th June 2014

This is a dark and moody novel about a group of close friends and the tremors and turbulence that arise in their relationships when one of the gang inherits a grand mansion in the English countryside.  Lucas inherited the house from his uncle Patrick who recently committed suicide and invites Jo, Martha, Danny, Michael, Rachel and Greg, all university friends, to visit him at week-ends.

Jo is narrating the story and is a budding journalist working on a local paper.  She has known Lucas quite well and over their visits embarks on an affair with him.  She feels that the house Stoneborough exerts a strange atmosphere over them all and is convinced that it is haunted by the previous owner..  Into the mix of friends is Danny a charismatic and mischievous young man ostensibly with a great career and plenty of money.  There is also Michael who is gay and Greg and Rachel who are a couple.

Over the ensuing week-ends Jo finishes with Lucas and in due course forms a strong relationship with Greg....Lucas is devastated but is then taken over by Danny who after loosing his job sponges off Lucas and causes endless trouble for everyone.

Jo moves in with Greg and is busy trying to promote her career but Lucas keeps calling her and wanting Jo to prop him up, eventually taking an overdose.

There are further dramas when Lucas's long-dead father turns up and various family truths emerge.  The story is slow to develop but there is a suitably dramatic conclusion to the tale. I found Jo  a rather irritating character  as she was very indecisive  and wanted to give her a good shake along with most of the other young people.

There is mystery, romance and murder in this book and it is entertaining.  Like other books by this author it is a good read.

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