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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Simon Kernick - Ultimatum

reviewed live on bookshow by Brian Lowen 3rd July 2014
Another fast paced thriller from the pen of SK. 
The central character is Jones – ex military (Afghanistan) and ex cop (Metropolitan Police) who after being dismissed from the force for beating up a criminal, joins a gang working to free the country from immigrants by committing a series of terrorist attacks and getting them blamed on the Muslin community. He is working as an undercover agent for Detective Inspector Bolt, his old boss in the Met.

As in previous stories by Simon Kernick it also features Tina Boyd, a maverick cop who works with Bolt, and loves the action, but this always gets her into trouble with the ‘go by the book’ brigade, and Mike Bolt has to rescue her from the situations she gets in.

The story casts a morbid outlook on the future of our country with the Police being hamstrung by the Health and Safety Act and the Human Rights Act.

The story has an explosive start with two bombs going off in London in quick succession with the promise of a much larger attack promised at 8.00 pm if their demands are not met.
All troops must be removed from Afghanistan. This of course is something that the Government will not do, so Bolt and his team

are set the task of catching the terrorists before their ultimatum expires.

Another great thriller from Simon Kernick, with good characters and packed with fast-paced action. Recommended.

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