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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Robert Goddard - Blood count

book review by showhost
Dr Edward Hammond was paid handsomely to perform a liver transplant on Dragan Gazi, a Serbian gangster in former Yugoslavia, in the 1990's.  The operation 13 yrs ago saved Gazi's life but he went on to kill thousands more people.  A fact unknown to Edward Hammond at the time.
Edward Hammonds wife was killed in the 1990's but he was unaware that his surgery all those years ago was behind it.
Edward Hammond is contacted by Gazi's daughter.  Gazi is standing trial in the Hague for all his war crimes in the Balkan.  His daughter Ingrid, wants Dr Hammond to find/contact her fathers accountant , Marco Piravani, and persuade him to transfer the money her father has stashed into her name.  If he doesn't comply they will tell his daughter that it was he, Dr Hammond, who arranged for his estranged wife to be murdered as a bonus pay off for the operation, because it would seem, that maybe Gazi did have his wife murdered but he can't prove it.
So, the action takes place in and around Bosnia/Belgrade and the Hague with lots of cross & double crosses as Dr Hammond chases the elusive Marco Piravani and is duped on many occasions.
Good book but found it annoying as to how witless the doctor was - stupid boy!  For me, not his best, I felt he strung it out a little too far.  Also, I fear the plots are becoming a little too similar all be it in different locations.

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