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Friday, 24 October 2014

David Baldacci - The Innocent

book review written by and read out live on bookshow by Brian Lowen 23rd Oct 2014

Another really good thriller from David Baldacci.

The hero of the story is Will Robie who is a professional assassin and is given targets for elimination by the American Secret Service.

His latest mission goes wrong when he fails to kill a young mother and her baby – he feels that is too much to stomach. This leads to him being on the run and then he gets involved with a bunch of Asians who are out to get the President.

He rescues a 14 year old girl from a bus just before it blows up. Julie is a very bright kid and Will agrees to help her find the people who murdered her parents.

This is when the story starts to get rather complicated, but the action still keeps going. Will also becomes involved with a female FBI agent – Nicole Vance, which further complicates the story. Will becomes very friendly with Annie Lambert, an office worker at the White House, who lives in the same apartment block as he does, which adds further complications.

The story branches off into other sub plots but all finally comes together in a dramatic conclusion inside the White House during a Presidential reception.

A good fast paced thriller with a complicated story line, but keeps up the standard of his previous books.

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