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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Charity Norman - The Son-in-Law

Review written by Maggie Perkovic and read live on the bookshow 20th November 2014
This is a cracker, page turner or what!!
The book starts with a terrified young girl Scarlet, calling for help for her
Mum who is lying down and apparently unconcious.
The respondent is trying to help and advise. How to give first aid instructions
which Scarlet gives to her dad and he is trying to get her heart to work.
All very emotive, her younger brother s crying, the baby is screaming.
Music is playing and as the ambulance is nearly there Scarlet is asked,
"How did you Mum fall down" She answers Dad punched her!!!
Fast forward some years and the three chidren are living with their
maternal grandparents as their mother never regained conciousness.
They seem happy with Granny and Grandad and life is good, then the father
is released from prison and wants contact.
So continues an absorbing and contentious story. Grandparents loathe and
despise the man who killed their only daughter and we feel for them, but wait
Zoe, the daughter had a problem, suffering from Bi polar she could be
wild and difficult. They used to love their dad. He was jailed for manslaughter
not murder, has he a right to see the younger  brother now wetting the bed
Scarlett has nightmares, baby Ben, now four years old becomes impossible to live with.
Who's right??? The decision the Judge takes causes quite an upheaval and the
ending takes your breath away. I loved it and find her a courageous writer.
Totally recommended. Maggie Perkovic.

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