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Saturday, 8 November 2014

JoJo Moyes - The One Plus One

review written by Maggie Perkovic & read live on the bookshow 6th Nov 2014
This has been in the best selling
list for weeks and no wonder. Two very disparate characters Jess and Ed. are
involved in a strange situation where they are driving to Scotland to take Jess's
young daughter who is an absolute Maths wizard, to take an exam to allow her
to get a grant to enable her an entrance to St. Anne's a prestigious private school.
Also in the car is Nicky Jess's stepson who is being bullied badly at school and
a very large smelly and flatulant dog called Norman. Driving the car is Ed Nichols
a big whizz in the city who has made a drastic miscalculation and is expecting to
be arrested any day. His car is a very posh and superior kind and he never ever
expected to fill it with this strange little family. How they get together is the
start of the story and how it ends is full of suprises. The characters are very strong
and very endearing I found and this author is quite brilliant in her writing and
in her characterisation.A page turner and highly recommended!!!!!

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