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Friday, 14 November 2014

Military Wives

book review written & read live on bookshow by Maggie Perkovic 13/11/14
 Military Wives is the stories of all the ladies who took part in the triumphal
choir that stormed to the top of the Hit parade with "Wherever you Are". It shows
how a desparate collection of ladies brought together by the lovely choir master
Gareth Malone found such a joy in singing and meeting together and sharing
their worries and concerns about their loved ones all serving abroad.
My son a long serving soldier in the Army swore he would never put a woman through
all the problems that Service wives have to endure and they certainly have a lot
to put up with. Moving to a new home and town and schools for children. Cleaning
up the new house they have moved into, besides cleaning out the old one. Mending
broken facilities all often without their man besides them.And of course the
terror of knowing their husbands could be the next one to be killed in action.
Months alone and even when the man is home half of him is still with his friends
and with life on the front line. Post traumatic stress rears its ugly head often.
If you are in a posting where you are in a minority, perhaps a naval wife among
Army ones, not very happy, if you are a new wife, or one without children that is
also difficult. I take my hat off to these ladies we owe them our thanks for the
support they give the men fighting on our behalf. Recommended Maggie Perkovic

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