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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Peter Robinson - Piece of My Heart

review written by Sue Major & read live on the bookshow Nov 2014

This is the 16th Inspector banks novel , and having read a number of them I think this is one of the best. In this one, Peter Robinson skilfully interweaves two murder stories ….that of a teenage girl at a sixties rock concert...and that of a music journalist in the present day. The common elements of the two murders make Inspector Banks re-open what was supposed to be a solved murder enquiry by a well regarded but troubled former detective.  Inspector Banks, unconventional as ever , sets out to prove that in Yorkshire at least old crimes are never forgotten!
This split novel covering both investigations switches cleverly between the two periods , highlighting as it goes how different policing was back then from computers around then!

Peter Robinson has developed strong characters as well as a real sense of atmosphere . There are clever observations not to say obvious allusions to real musicians from the past....all sex drugs and rock and roll! The plot is good and well written and it's an enjoyable read if you like detective fiction.

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