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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Hugh Howey - Wool.

review by showhost dec 2014
It was a book I didn't dash back to every chance I got - in fact I remember thinking well is this it, the story happens here in this underground world, it's not going anywhere?  But once I started reading it I became engrossed in it.
It's a clever concept - the world as we know it has ended, toxic air is all around.  The people who are living are only aware of their immediate underground world - their Silo.  They can't go outside as they would perish, they can't allow toxic air in to their world.  Someone built the concrete world digging down under the earth - hundred plus floors of corridors and different departments.  People are born, live and die here.  They have to live to certain rules which are overseen by a Mayor & a sherrif.  People are told when they can reproduce.  If people break the rules they are sent out for 'cleaning'.  this means they go out into the toxic world, with their spaceman like protective suit and helmet on.  They are asked to clean the outside lens/window which becomes dusty over time - so people can see out of the silo.  These people never come back, they perish on the cruel toxic landscape.
But what happens when someone in authority starts to abuse their power. 
The mayor is poisoned and the sherrif is sent to cleansing.  The sherrifs replacement, Juliette, is accused of treason and she too is sent for cleansing.  The people left behind suspect something is not right,  an uprising begins and people die.
But Juliette does the unthinkable, she doesn't clean the lens.  and so begin events that will change the way the silo is run and peoples perceptions of their life.
This is the first of a trilogy and I would strongly suggest you read this first.
Not sure if I would read the rest of them - it did hold my attention for most of the story and there was suspense but it became a bit repetitive and at times to descriptive. 

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