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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Claire Kendal - The Book of You

review written by Maggie Perkovic & read live on bookshow 12th Feb 2015
This is quite a book.
It tells the story of Clarissa who is being stalked. She divides the book into
chapters when she is addressing her stalker Rafe and when she is having
the story told in the third person.
Recovering from a broken romance Clarissa works in a University in an
adminstering capacity so she deals with a lot of tutors and students and
Rafe is but one in a distant office but after a few exchanges he becomes
besotted with her and manages to see her home after first drugging her wine.
She remembers very little of that night but he now has enough footage of
her in compromising situations to make her life unbearable.
She is also about to serve on  jury for a young woman about to try and
bring justice for her rape and imprisonment by a group of evil drug dealers.
She finds a mirror image in the poor woman's suffering and her own
worsening nightmare.
Her relief in being on the jury turns to a terror when Rafe appears in the public
gallery.He always seems to know where she is, what she is doing. A lunch date
with an old girl friend turns into a nightmare as he is also there having befriended
the said girl friend to make himself part of the group.
She makes friends with a handsome young firefighter on the Jury but never
reveals all that is happening to her.
The final outcome is very terrifying and very graphic, but I found it a cracking read,if
very disturbing. Highly recommended!!

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