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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Alex Scarrow - A Thousand Suns

Book review written by Brian Lowen and read live on the bookshow 2nd April 2015
Not your normal type of war story this, but one with a twist that leaves you wondering whether it did actually happen.

The story starts in modern times when a trawler tangles its net on a sea bed obstruction off the coast of New England, that turns out to be an old B17 bomber from the second world war. The Flying Fortress is well preserved laying on the sea bed but it contains a horrifying secret that freelance photographer, Chris Roland discovers when he dives on the wreck in search of a good story from which he hopes to make a lot of money.

But his discovery causes ripples in high places and he finds himself in danger of his life.

We then switch back to the war years to discover how this bomber found its way to the shores of America. We learn that this mission, in the dying days of the war, was personally authorised by Hitler in a last gasp bid to persuade America to surrender to Germany and then join with them to destroy the Russians and the threat of Communism.

There are some good scenes in the White House as President Truman and his cabinet struggle with the dilemma of whether to believe the threat from Hitler. 

A great story, very well told with good, believable characters. It contains all the characteristics of a good war story with plenty of action and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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