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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Ann Cleeves - Harbour Street

review written by Sue Majors and read out live on the bookshow 9th April 2015
In Newcastle, Detective Joe Ashworth and his daughter are on the busy Metro when the train is stopped due to heavy snow. All the passengers are told to disembark, but one cannot.....a seventy year old lady remains in the carriage , stabbed to death.
Searching for a lead his boss, DI Vera Stanhope heads to the dead woman's home, a quiet seaside town in Northumberland.
This is a well-thought out and easy to follow police investigation....the sixth in the Vera Stanhope series....and it leads the reader along different layers and clues, with the odd red herring thrown in., to a satisfactory conclusion.  Ann Cleeves draws her characters well, particularly that of Vera....they come to life between the lines.
This is a good read. The whole series brings  beautiful Northumberland to life and with a murder thrown it it ticks the box for me.

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