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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Lily Baxter - The Shopkeeper's Daughter

Review written by Maggie Perkovic and read live on the bookshow 7th May 2015
This is a tale set towards the end
of the war where we meet Ginnie and Shirley Travis who live with mum
and dad in their home in East London and when Shirley becomes pregnant
they go to stay with Aunt Avril in Shropshire. Ginnie is the quiet one who helps her
dad in their furniture shop while Shirley has always been the high spirited one
who has lots of boyfriends and enjoys flirting. The Americans staioned nearby
help to brighten up their enforced absence but when their dad is killd while
Fire Watching Ginnie has to return home to save the business. This a very
readable book but being a bit of a nerd I felt there were some facts a bit out
of kilter concerning life in the War however the story rattles along with page
turning events so I could say this is a good read with a few debatable inclusions.
Maggie Perkovic.

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