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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Val Wood - The Harbour Girl

review written by Maggie Perkovic and reviewed live on the bookshow on 28th May 2015

This is another page turner by Val Wood. Historically factual she tells
of Jeannie's life in Scarborough 1880 as her mother who is a Widow
works as one of the womwn mending nets for the fishermen who ply
the dangerous waters and the difficult problems that occur when the waters are
so dangerous that many boats are lost, and to make a living is well nigh impossible.
As Jeannie grows up she realises hat Ethan a young fisherman who works hard
and suffers a tragedy when very young, is the man for her, but encountering a
handsome and silver tongued stranger from Hull she falls for his charms and
has to face reality that she has made a big mistake when he shows himself
in his true colours. Determinedf to mke her marriage a success she sets to
and makes a life despite all the problems that ensue.
Well written and well researched. Recommended.
Maggie Perkovic.

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