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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Linwood Barclay – Too close to Home

If you like a crime read which is easy to read with a touch of black humour then Linwood Barclay is as good as any (similar to Harlan Coben).  I HAVE READ THIS AUTHOR BEFORE (No Time for Goodbye & A Tap on the Window) and thought they were good thrillers.
As I was going away so I wanted a book that I could read up until I went (meaning not too lengthy and easy to read).  I don’t like taking library books away with me, prefer to buy in charity shops & leave them for others to read afterwards.
This book ticked all the boxes.  It was a crime thriller, not with the same intensity as Simon Kernick, but a good read with some predictable moments. 
Set in the American Town of Promise Falls Jim cutter is a gardener (what else with a name like that!).  He used to be the chauffer for the local Mayor until he punched the mayor on the nose.  He and his son Derek now run a landscaping/gardening business.  They are good friends with their neighbours the Langleys until that is one night they are killed in their home.  What Jim doesn’t know is that his son was hiding in their basement at the time of the murders.  There was no sign of a burglary, it seemed pre-meditated.
Derek is convicted of the murders until another murder takes place whilst Derek is in custody and the weapon is the same as that used to

kill the Langleys.  Why were the Langleys targeted  Were the Langleys the real target or did they get the wrong house?  ?  Is it all linked to some other older murders?  You’ll have to keep reading to find out.

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