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Saturday, 25 July 2015


Review written and read live on the bookshow by Brian Lowen 23rd July 2015.

This is the second published book that Peter James wrote in 1982 and has recently been reprinted.  It is a straightforward thriller with none of the confusions about the occult thrown in as in previous books.

Our James Bond type hero here is Max Flynn, a spy working for MI5 and has all the ingredients you would expect in a James Bond story complete with several gorgeous women.

He is singularly fighting to prevent a series of nuclear power stations being blown up in Canada, USA, France, Spain, Italy and the UK.  The crime is funded by Russia and fronted by Namibia.

Sir Isaac Quoit, chairman of the Atomic Energy Authority, has been kidnapped and Flynn’s first job is to get him back which he does in a spectacular fashion.  Then about a dozen executives of other nuclear power stations are caught in a honey trap and blackmailed by the evil Sleder, a tycoon involved in producing nuclear fuel rods.

And so Flynn carries on, with his boss’s authority, to save the world from nuclear annihilation.  Great stuff if you like this sort of thing.  I am surprised that Peter James didn’t write more books featuring Max Flynn, but maybe he did but I haven’t read them yet.  I think he has concentrated on DI Roy Grace of Brighton Police Force as this has been a real winner for him.

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