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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Tony Parsons - Man and Wife

review written by Maggie Perkovic and read live on the bookshow 17th July 2015
This is a sequal to Man and Boy which I haven't yet read but it stands alone
as a very good description of the modern day life in the fast lane, in modern
day marriages, divorces and life ever after. Harry Silver is remarrying after his
first marriage ended in Divorce when he had an affair. He and ex wife Gina
are on reasonable terms but he is sad that Sundays are the days when he sees
his son and that's all. His new wife has a daughter a little older and he hopes
the new wife and he can provide a stable life for both the children, nine years
and seven years. When Gina meets up with a new man life gets more complicated
and after some time she and her new partner decide to  move to America which
upsets Harry very much. His mothe, a widow is a wonderfully sensible woman
and it is she who can provide a secure base for his son and help Harry to
settle down and realise what he has to do to commit to his new marriage
and provide security for both the childre.
I enjoyed it very much while feeling that Harry Silver needed to grow up
and not be such a selfish person.
Highly recommended.
Maggie Perkovic.

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