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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Stef Penney - The Tenderness of Wolves

reviewed written by Sue Major & read live on bookshow august 2015
“Set in Canada in 1867 on the edge of a vast landscape of ice and snow where a woman steels herself for a journey. “
This is a debut novel, a complicated book that takes a while to get into. Its main character is Mrs Ross, a Scottish pioneer who discovers the body of a murdered French trapper. Over the next few days we learn that this is not the first death or accident in this settlement....nor, after the disappearance of Mrs Ross' son, is it the first disappearance.  She is desperate to find him and enlists Parker, a tracker , to help her. Though they are joined by others it is the developing relationship between Mrs Ross and Parker which is most central to the story, and between them several mysteries are solved.

I really liked this story, and I like the way Stef Penney writes. It's a Costa winner , which I think is well deserved.

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