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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Alex Scarrow - Timeriders

review written and read live on the bookshow by Brian Lowen 19th Nov 2015

An unusual book for AS because he normally writes thrillers, but this is number one of a series so there are going to be more on this subject, which involves travelling backwards and forwards in time.

The story starts with a young Irish steward being rescued from the sinking Titanic. He is just about to drown in the ship when he is rescued by a mysterious Mr Foster and finds himself transported on to 2001 in America.

A young girl is similarly rescued from a plane which is about to crash and then another girl joins the team of Timeriders who are given the job of ensuring that history runs true.

They work from a small room under the railway arches of the overhead railway in New York where they have their time machine. The story gets all very strange because someone else has gone back into history and changed the normal run of events so that Hitler did not lose the second world war but was replaced by Kramer who took over the Nazi leadership and beat the British and the Americans and created a Greater Reich which controlled Europe, UK and the USA. 

The Timeriders team are tasked with the job of sorting things out and putting history back as it was.

All rather silly I thought, not my type of story and disappointing because I have really enjoyed his previous books. I persevered and finished the book but I shall not be reading any more. You have really got to be a lover of science fiction to enjoy this book

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