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Sunday, 8 May 2016

David Baldacci Memory Man

review written and read live on the bookshow by Brian Lowen May 2016

Amos Decker was a  football player with a good future until his career is abruptly terminated by a high speed collision with an opposing player. He suffers severe concussion and damage to his brain and is amazed to discover when he wakes up that he now has a photographic memory. He cannot forget anything.

His football career finished he becomes a detective and his amazing brain power helps him with his work, solving crimes.

Then one day he returns home from work to find that his wife, young daughter and brother-in-law have all been brutally murdered. When he recovers from the shock he realises that the murderer thought his brother-in-law was him and that the whole family had been murdered.

He sets out to find who carried out this terrible act and what the connection is between similar murders that have been taking place. He is helped in his mission by his sidekick, a female police sergeant, Lancaster and also later by an investigative journalist, Alex Jamison who gives up her job in order to help Decker.

They have to deal with a man who is difficult  to get on with as his brain injury has left him without any social graces or manners.

A good thriller from Baldacci, well written with good explanation of the type of person Decker has become following his accident. I enjoyed the book, as I have with all the other books I have read by this author.

It seems that this book is the first in a series featuring Amos Decker and Lancaster so that will be something to follow up.

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