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Saturday, 3 September 2016

David Baldacci - The Winner

review written and read live on bookshow by Brian Lowen Aug 2016 

LuAnn Tyler is living in abject poverty in an old caravan in Charlottesville in the US with a young baby and a drunken husband who is out of work.

She works as a waitress in a truck stop café, keeping her baby under the counter.
She is seen here by the mysterious Mr Jackson who later makes her an offer she finds hard to believe. He says that he can make her win the national lottery which this month has reached $100 million. She is undecided what to do but then when she comes back home to find her husband has been murdered and the murderer is still in the caravan, a fight ensues and she ends up killing him.

She is now on the run from the police and phones Jackson to accept his offer. She buys a lottery ticket and gives the numbers to Jackson. Then she travels to New York with her baby, Lisa, all at Jackson’s expense where she wins the lottery. The conditions that Jackson imposed is that he banks the money and just pays her a substantial amount each month.
He will invest the money over a period of ten years and then pay her the capital back at the end of that time.

As she is on the run from the police, Jackson gets her out of the country and sends her on a world tour with Lisa and also Charlie, who was originally appointed by Jackson to look after her in New

York. Jackson tells her that she must never return to the States but after ten years continual travelling she is homesick and comes back home, which is when her troubles really start.

A canny reporter, Donovan, has been investigating the National Lottery and wants to speak to her, but luckily she has found a local builder, who was working for her, falls in love with her, and who decides to help her through her problems. Matthew Riggs is an ex FBI man also with a troubled past and they both work together to thwart Jackson who is furious that LuAnn has come back to the States.

Another great story from David Baldacci that really grips you and holds your attention right through the book until it reaches its thrilling climax.

Well recommended.

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